Monday’s Musings…

Today is the last day of November, starting tomorrow Christmas officially hits the silly season…can you believe it? I already have my Turkey in the freezer, but it will be a quiet affair and our first Christmas without Dad. Yesterday we had our first Christmas party, sadly after days of beautiful warm weather it was cold and raining and we went hopelessly underdressed for the weather, got saturated and then cold and miserable. Where we went only had a few gazebos and they were all taken. Still, it was nice to catch up with friends, do a Secret Santa (I got a lovely hamper) and such. We did not hang around all afternoon as even though it had stopped raining after lunch, I was still rather damp and the wind picked up, I was kind of miserable lol.

Spent the weekend cleaning the back deck area, getting in some new storage boxes and arranging new outdoor blinds, I must remember to take some photos when it’s all shiny and clean and pretty! Spent Saturday night at a friends with lots of chatting, laughing and a few wines…felt so NORMAL!

Actually so many things are starting to feel normal, or at least COVID Normal. There is a feeling of hope and celebration, but also caution. It’s like three steps forward and one step backward. I guess we are lucky with so many countries going into a second wave and we have passed through it, and onto the other side.

I have not actually even picked up a camera in a few days, have been so busy with just ‘normal’ stuff. It feels good to do normal stuff. But I must admit it, it was exhausting lol

Anyway, not much else to report, the Portrait studio is open with my first paid gig in months this afternoon. I have some workshops this weekend, so definitely looking forward to that! I hope you are all well and safe…

~ Julz, xo