Spring Outings – Melbourne Zoo Snow Leopards

With Covid cases at 0, the lockdown restrictions easing, Melbourne Zoo was opening up to small groups of members only, getting the animals used to having people and crowds around again after months of total peace and quiet. We managed to get tickets and had a family day out.

Sadly not all exhibits were open and not all animals were out and about. Black mesh was over some of the exhibit display windows, making photography difficult. A little sad really. We wanted to see the Snow Leopard Cubs, who first went on display in June…we booked tickets, but then the stage 4 lockdown happened and everything fell apart. So we got to see them, but they are not very small these days.

Of course, we visited other animals and I will put them in another post…I just wanted to let the snow leopards shine…and I took so many pics lol

~ Julz