Share your world – 8th December 2020

After a very weird year, I am both looking looking forward to getting back into things, but also finding things draining me of enthusiasm. There is this weird post Lockdown feeling, it needs a name. I am not along, many people are feeling this sensation, we are weary and wary…we wont to go back out into the world, but are very conscious of the safety from our bubble. It’s exciting to be able to go out, but still we don’t seem to venture far or for long. It does not seem to affect people who worked throughout lockdown as normal, as much. I guess they were in the world, not at home in their bubble. It’s funny I really do miss things about lockdown. There were less people, you could easily find a car park to do food shopping and such. If you needed anything there was click and collect to your car, or get it delivered. I miss that.

Anyway…let’s get on with the questions, shall we?


Do you enjoy skiing or ice skating or if it’s warm where you are, hiking or enjoying outdoor sports? I adored ice-skating when I was younger, I don’t think I have ever been skiing, yet my parents did a lot of it before kids. I’m not really a sporty person these days. Walking the dog is about it. I don’t mind a nice, casual relaxation bushwalk, as long as its not to far or too arduous and I prefer pretty scenery during the walk and at the end. Something I can take some pictures and make it all worthwhile.

Do you give to charities or homeless that you might encounter, during this time of year, more than you do otherwise? No, I give when I am able throughout the year, I don’t think any time of the year is more important than others. I believe they need help pretty much all year round, or least over Winter.

What is the most enjoyable activity you engage in during December?  Is it a tradition for you and your family? Christmas was always a big thing with my family, but as the kids grew up (and one moved interstate) it has become less so. This will be the first Christmas without Dad, so it will be quiet.

But when the kids were little we often had a big Christmas Eve celebration with friends, watched fireworks etc. Then as the kids got older it was junk food and a kids movie; Nemo, Cars etc and then at midnight we all opened one present. All of that has fallen away.

It’s also Hubby’s birthday…did you know that?

What changes will C-19 bring to your festive celebrations this year?  To be honest, nothing really. We wont be doing all the Christmas get togethers (not that there were any real big parties in there), it will be a quiet one.


I had a big week last week with competitions and awards, so that is so nice and quite a thrill. I also ran my first two portrait workshops in nine months…or is that ten? So I am grateful for the fact that C-19 is under control here for now. So many people have worked so hard to get our levels to zero. Let’s hope it stays there.

The Girl in the Peacock green Dress

I hope this new vaccine works and can get to as many countries and people as needed. So many areas in the world are suffering terribly, especially through mis managed governments and such. We’ve had our problems here too, but hopefully are learning from them.

I wish you all a safe and happy week…

~ Julz