Monday Musings…

What a busy week, with an even busier weekend, I am exhausted. Cutting things to the bone and did the Christmas Pet Pawtrait sessions this weekend. I usually do them earlier in the year, but well…you know the drill by now. Still a great turnout and some super cute puppers and kitties have some fun, and we had loads of laughs.

Then because we have not really done anything or been anywhere in a while we drove out to Noojee in Gippsland and visited Toorongo Falls and the Trestle Bridge. I had not managed to make the falls on the last two visits, so I was determined to get to the top, damn near killed me and I an stiff and sore everywhere, but I did it.

Toorongo Falls, Noojee

The another morning shoot, followed by my last workshop for the year and I am officially done. Time to finish some edits and then kick back and relax…it’s Christmas time, sun and lazy days, food and friends and a few drinks thrown in. Although, not so may get togethers this year, thanks to your know what. Sadly it is also our first Christmas without Dad, so it most likely feel a little strange.

I will post more images of Noojee and the portraits, especially the animals soon, in the meantime, I hope you have a totally awesome week, and stay safe…

~ Julz