Share your world – 15th December 2020

Only 10 days left till Christmas, 16th days left of this weird and wacky year that is 2020. Who knew 12 months ago that a few sick people in China would cause such a momentous and calamitous events? I have two more days of ‘work’ left and then I have a few weeks off. Not even sure what to do with that time…read, relax, go on a few days trips; we’ll see.

So now for Melanie’s SYW questions for this week…


What news event do you vividly remember hearing about as a child, and where were you? Quite a few Cyclone Tracey on Christmas Day that took out Darwin in the 70s, Black Saturday in the 80s horrific bushfires, Mr Baldy who kidnapped children and killed them, Port Arthur Massacre. Australia has had its share of horror. I was safely at home for pretty much all of these events.

What is a Christmas song that makes you cringe? Well none really…a few versions done by certain artists may be cringe worthy, but the songs not so much. But then there is the whole “all I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey which has been done to death. Every time you go food shopping you hear it. lol

What is one place you shop(ped prior to Covid) that might have surprised people? I don’t think I do anything all that surprising. I wear clothes for comfort than anything. I am not a big shopper, have not been for years.

What is your least favourite holiday side dish? Well I guess seafood, which seems to be an Australian classic, but I don’t eat it at all. I love turkey and chicken and ham, even roast pork and roast vegies, plum pudding and custard (sadly plum pudding doesn’t like me much). I’ll even happily take a BBQ, which is also customary.


This weekend I did Christmas pet pawtraits…of my animals and a few clients as well. Not too many, but enough to have loads of fun.

My little Chloe did so well this year, she is getting older and not really interested, but this year she actually sat on the chair and happily stole ‘Santas snacks’ lol…so cute. I’ll show more of the pet pics later.

~ Julz