In the studio with Alexia Frost

Just before my last workshop of the year, I grabbed an opportunity to take these shots of Alexia Frost (aka Silver and Spooky), of this recently re-discovered dress and horned headpiece. I have had them both for ages, I honestly completely forgot about them. A simple black background and a few simple props, mostly natural light. I had set up the studio lights, but even in the shadows it was so bright…the joys of Summer.

Sometimes, simple is good. Sadly I have not done as many portraits this year as I would like, but I think I have kicked things up a gear with what I have done. Alexia makes it easy, of course, most of ‘my girls’ do…but I think I have really settled into a comfortable vibe with slightly old-school glamour vibe.

Hopefully, this is NOT my last shoot for the year, but if it is, at least I went out on a high 🙂

~ Julz