Summer Outings – Cadillac Canyon

About two hours from Melbourne is the seaside town of San Remo, it is the gateway to Phillip Island, we have been there before. It is access by a long bridge, feel free to read about that trip here… Part One | Part Two | Part Three |

Anyway we weren’t really going that far, we were heading out to a little spot called Cadillac Canyon. We know of many who have gone before us, I not 100% sure what to expect when we arrived. There was parking at the end of the dirt track (Potters Hill Road) and then there is a short but steep gravel track leading to the stairs…quite a few, maybe 140 – 150, but nice wide wooden walkways and landings and study railings. Shame there are no seats about half way.

Once you get to the bottom, there is a beautiful bay, and rocks to the left. Bore Beach is beautiful clean sandy beach. Rocky outcroppings reminiscent of tessellated paving. Rock pools and such. Seem to be popular with fishermen.

At the other end of the beach is Cadillac Canyon. No idea why it has that particular name, but there is a rocky outcropping where the water rushes right up and over the rocks. Quite cool for long exposures.

There were several fishermen then when we arrived, having set up a tent slightly back from the water, I guess they were planning on spending a few days there. Not sure if camping is allowed or not? We walked the maybe 500m along the beach and set up tripods and walked around to get the best vantage point.

Hubby went down into the canyon, but the chances of getting a little wet were high. We were there just before low tide, perhaps a touch on the early side, a little more water could have made things a little more exciting. lol

We spent a lovely afternoon in the sunshine exploring the area, then climbed the steps back up to the carpark, and headed into San Remo for a cold drink and something to eat. Then drove the hour or so back home. Magic weather, not too hot, not too cold and just a slight sea breeze.