Summer Outings – Tooroongo Falls

Just outside of Noojee about 1.5 hours from home is Tooroongo Falls (which for some reasons always thought was called Tooronga Falls), we decided one random day just to go for a drive out that way. We have been here before, but I never made my way to the top, due to injury and such. [read about Noojee here] This time I was determined. It was a beautiful Summer day and a little on the warm side, I had heard the track was muddy (which it was not), but never heard about ALL the steps. My knees and hips do NOT like so many steps. But I made it.

It was beautiful and totally worth the hike up (I think), but the hike back down nearly did me in, I was in a lot of pain that night and next few days, but I am sure I’ll survive to do another adventure soon.

~ Julz