Dog Day Afternoon

What does that mean anyway, apart from the obvious? So post Christmas we took Chloe and Dexter and their friend Harvey to a new Dog Park. I had scoped it out on a few trips to Gunns Road Reserve and Frog Hollows. Lovely and big and totally fenced in, lovely grassy areas and trees. There were quite a few people and dogs already there when we arrived, but we were happy to wait. My daughter came with us and my friend Sue (Harvey’s owner) so they went for a long walk to settle the two over eager pups, Chloe and I found a nice spot to watch the ducks. She now has a heart condition, and I didn’t want to walk her to far, when we had a play date later.

Eventually, the boys had settled and the dog park empty, we grabbed our opportunity. This was Chloe first time off-lead in a while and Dexter’s first time ever. They both totally enjoyed it and were very well behaved. Young Harvey is only 10-months old (even though he is bigger than both of mine together), and still learning his manners and commands, but he still had fun on lead.

It was so lovely to see Chloe running so carefree, they all had big smiles and had so much fun. No-one wanted to leave, but other people were entering the park. I don’t know if Dexter is entirely trustworthy or manageable off lead with strange dogs and Chloe is totally paranoid with other dogs off lead, thanks to a nasty experience as a pup. So they had their fun and a walk, we popped their leads back on and it was time to go home.

And if you haven’t figured it out, I also took the camera to try and grab some candid shots. I’ve decided that Dexter is much cuter when he poses than runs around looking like a maniacal goofball! Got some cute shots of Chloe and Harvey.

~ Julz