Summer Outings – Cloudehill Gardens

Certainly not my first visit to Cloudehill, and I know it want be my last. Actually I am running a photography workshop there in a few weeks. But on the weekend me and a friend decided to get over the Christmas chaos with an early morning visit to Olinda. Our first stop was Cloudehill Gardens. It was still early, but already getting a bit warm. It is Summer, right? With a 9 month shutdown some of the gardens still need a little work, but the rest is already in absolute glory.

I went with only my 70-300mm lens, but I took a load of photos, we chatted and gentled strolled around the grounds, before making our way back to the entrance. Sadly the café was still closed, so after we had done the rounds of the nursery, we decided to head into Olinda itself.

Again so many cafes and shops are still closed, many not opening until after New Years Eve. Which is such a shame this is normally a high tourist area at ANY time of the year. We managed to find a café which was open. After waiting about 15minutes for a table, we then had a 30 minute wait for coffee and 60 minute weight for food, so we figured we may as well, nothing else was open. So we settled in with a bottle of water to wait. Not that we were in any hurry, so got comfy and continued chatting away about everything and nothing, as only old friends can do. As my Aunt often says, solving the worlds problems! I wish.

We eventually got our coffee and our lunch, which was quite nice. We visited a few shops that were open, but didn’t buy. We then ventured further to Mount Dandenong and visited my favourite antique store, Butlers. Where I did spend a little. Surprise, surprise. I will have to take some photos, but it was just a few small vintage finds. We were going to grab a cold drink or another coffee, but the café was closed too. So we headed home for some more talk over another cuppa. A lovely pleasant day out.

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~ Julz