Summer Outings – Flinders Blowhole

After a busy week in the studio, and some lovely Summer weather beckoning, we wanted to get out of the city and hit some beaches, or something. First stop was Tyabb Packing House (in Tyabb), friends had told me about this place, but just had not quite got there. WOW! That place is huge and so worth a visit. The vintage camera guy alone, was fascinating and amazing. I purchased a vintage Kodak and beautiful case at a really good price too. Just to add to our small vintage tech collection.

The wandered the stalls, and then the Crafters Village and had a lovely lunch in the shade of the Red Rattler. A red rattler is a vintage Melbourne train…quite iconic from my childhood. This was a random decision to visit on our way to somewhere else. No photos…sorry.

We then went to Blind Bight to see if we could see a rumoured wreck in the mangrove. It was a bit of a lost cause, so we left. Headed to Balnarring back beach…so busy, we gave up, could find no where to park. Next was Point Leo nature reserve, so many people and they were being turned away, so we left too. Not even sure what was down there. So far, not doing too well. But a lovely drive in beautiful weather, Hubby was listening to the cricket on the radio (I would have preferred music!). We eventually headed to Flinders. Drove to the Blowhole and took some images up top. Need to come back when weather a little cooler and walk down there. I went many years ago.

We didn’t really go far or do that much, but it was kind of nice just to get out in the sunshine for a bit. Of course, we then came home to find out the house AC has gone and the next few days are going to be hot 😦 not far

~ Julz