In the studio – with Andrea, Pt one

I put a model call-out in a Model/Photographer page as I am looking for some new faces. I tend to do this every year. I was swamped and I then cherry picked a few who I thought suited what I was wanting to achieve. Andrea was my first cab off the rank, so to speak. Running the risk of flaky people, no shows and models who I just didn’t gel with is always a possibility when doing this sort of thing…I have been very pleased to say I didn’t have that this time around.

Andrea was fantastic, we did three very distinct looks. Something about her ‘look’ inspired a Lord of the Rings vibe, so we did a Arwen and a Galadriel inspired look.

So this is the Arwen inspired setup. Super simple, yep looks terrific. The dress I have had in the studio wardrobe for years, the blue Elven Circlet was made for this dress by Verdessa Fairy (what an angel), the sword is a replica of Sting (LOTR) from Global Gear…it is made of fibreglass and super lightweight and looks amazing! Andrea did her own hair and makeup too.

~ Julz