Monday’s Musings…

A really late start today, I have spent the last three days immersed in photography with a friend spending the weekend, she left this morning after breakfast, it was wonderful. So I have not really been on social media that much.

We went to Grantville Jetty Friday evening to what we hoped was a promising sunset, sadly the clouds closed in as the sunset and it was pretty blah…but a great evening chatting with other photographers on the group. This is another group I got involved with during lockdown, this was the first excursion I had been able to attend. We have what looks to be an exciting weekend away with them in a few weeks too.

Grantville Jetty

We spent a lovely weekend, out to lunch and dinner, hours in the studio, and even watched a movie or two, cuppas on the back deck in the balmy evenings and a visit to Australia Gardens.

Australia Gardens, water play area

Obviously, I will post more images later, just trying to edit them all. I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine…all terribly C19 safe, of course.

~ Julz