In the studio – with Andrea, Pt three

Just to finish off our really fun and incredible shoot with Andrea, we changed from LOTR to fairies instead. I had the black corset and green wig, I even had the great fairy wand/staff. I had just finished making the tulle skirt and I had recently made the floral screen. They are timber lattice covered in ivy, I can then change out the flowers to whatever I want, great idea. And they just suspend from the ceiling on picture rails I have had installed.

Add a little photoshop magic and voila! Tinkerbell…of sorts lol.

We even did some more stand shots against a plain white background, which I have for sale on my website…here

If you want to see the other shoots with Andrea (just in case you missed them) you can view them here.

Andrea and I had so much fun…her partner James was there and became my assistant too, we had such a great time they are both coming back soon for another fun creative shoot!

~ Julz