Monday’s Musings…

So Hubby left hospital after 8 days and is supposed to be ‘taking it easy’, but possibly not quite as much as he should, but what can you do? So after a few days of telling him to go easy I gave up, I figure he will work out when he has done too much.

I then had a completely Gatsby weekend, I ran a 1920s inspired Gatsby workshop at the home studio, loads of fun, I then in turn on Sunday after driving to Ballarat to stay with a friend, we went to another 1920s Gatsby inspired shoot, this time outside on a Vintage Tram! So much laughter with our five models, my tummy is sore.

I promise more pics soon, but for now, loads to go through, but for now just a quick B&W edit

Just a quick post today, so much work to catch up on today…

Have a great week, stay safe

~ Julz