Living & Learning – Lensbaby Sweet 50

As most of you know I love to play with new tech, something that has been around for a few now and has had me sitting on the fence is the Lensbaby system. These are a unique set of optics for many different brans of camera. They are manual focus and by all accounts difficult and frustrating to get a hang of. So when I was asked recently if I wanted to try one, so of course, I said yes.

The issue was that it was that the Lensbaby optics were for a Canon (I don’t have any Canon cameras), so not only an unfamiliar camera, but an unfamiliar lens. So…was it successful?

Well I got the swirly blur and bokeh of the Sweet50 lens down, just seemed to struggle getting actual focus lol! These were a few shots in my backyard…still looks kind of cool hey?

So what have I decided? Nothing to be honest, I would like to try it on my camera and maybe even some of the different optics available. So for now I will put it back on the back burner!

~ Julz