Monday’s Musings…

And we’re back in a five day lockdown…honestly we have zero cases for ages then we have international travellers come in and we can’t contain the quarantine, such a joke. Should just ban all travel until the vaccine is more prevalent. I mean who NEEDS tennis, it’s a joke they are NOT essential services. But that’s all I am going to say. SO I have again cancelled shoots and workshops that were in person. Luckily I had an online workshop on the weekend, so that still went ahead.

I was actually out to lunch with a friend, when we heard about the lockdown happening, quite surreal. I have again been battling with a damn swollen face and a blocked saliva gland and back on antibiotics, this is my third major bout since December and it’s only Feb! So over it. The antibiotics make me even sicker šŸ˜¦

So because of lockdown we can’t go more than 5km from home, and photography is not really essential, but I do have the studio, so I just need to go out there to shoot, just currently feeling a little sorry for myself at the moment.

Not much else to say really, thankfully I still have a few shoots to share…but will try and write some more posts soon.

Rusty old car artwork created from photo on the weekend

Well, wherever you are, what ever you are doing, stay safe, stay sane and ‘see’ you online soon

~ Julz