Monday’s Musings…

Today will be a quick one, had a fairly relaxed week last week in preparation for a whirlwind three day mini holiday to Central Victorian Goldfields, visiting Ararat with some photography friends. This was a different group than the weekend recently at the horse ranch.

We explored the area and visited the notorious J Ward which house the criminally insane up til 30 years ago! Wow have things change. We then visited Aradale which was the lunatic asylum. Both pretty creepy, but that sure didn’t stop us! Wait til you see the pics.

We had two sunsets, but didn’t bother with sunrises…we woke yesterday to rain and LOTS of it. We ended up cutting our trip short and coming straight home after lunch, we had planned on a few stops, but decided against it.

Betty Boo (the Subaru) on top of One Tree Hill at Sunset in Ararat. So much smoke haze caused by local burn offs.

Well I have so much to do right now, with a shoot this morning, and Thursday, heaps of fun editing and other stuff.

Chat soon and I hope you all have an amazing week, stay safe…

~ Julz