Raven – The Raven

Who goes there, friend or foe? Fairy folk are not the only ones you will encounter on this adventure. In the time of magic, all sorts of creatures would converse with the likes of us humans. If you braved the unknown you could find all sorts of friends. The Raven was one such ally, sly and cunning he could be a great friend or foe, it really did depend on who you ask. If you treated him sweetly he would favour you with gentle words and small trinkets and favours. He would watch over you and protect you and entreat you with more helpful creatures. It was a time of riches and not all were gold, like you might find today.

Time has always been a precious commodity, nothing has changed there. In our youth we feel that time goes too slowly, it’s not until we grow old that we realise that time is actually slipping by. But the truth is in HOW you spend your time. Treasured moments are never a waste of time.

The Raven

Model – Nicola Paige
HMUA- Teighan Felton
Costume, styling, staging, story & photography by Me!