Raven – Whispers

“Listen closely and I’ll whisper a secret,” said the Raven “we can go on an adventure if you dare. We will bring our friends and visit the magic forest. Fireflies on warm Summer nights, frogs and crickets chirping and guiding our way.”

“Yes please!” They all quipped up, fun and frolicking through the magic forest, was a wish they all shared. Oh what fun, such an adventure, what mischief could they all get up to. Teasing the fairies and capturing fireflies, walking barefoot through the moss covered forest, with only the moonlight and fireflies to guide their way.

“well, come along then,” said the Raven “but shhh, let’s keep it a secret from everyone”


Model – Nicola Paige
HMUA- Teighan Felton
Costume, styling, staging, story & photography by Me!