Raven – The way forward

Sometimes the only way forward, is to step towards the light. Take one step, then two, often there is no other way. Slowly and careful putting one foot in front of the other. There are unseen dangers in every shadow, but keep a lookout and stay on the path. Any adventurer knows these things, but for the unwary traveller, it can be a perilous journey. Safety in numbers is often the key, but not too many.

Keep your friend true and close, to help you see the way, but to also watch you back. Striking out on adventures is a dangerous game, but hence where the fun and mysteries are found. No treasure is easily found, even if X marks the spot, you still need to look for it, adventure is no different. Rolling seas, high mountains, low valleys and wide rivers, forests and glades. Each has it treasures and it’s troubles. So take care and stick to the path, or it there is no path and you must strike out on your own, keep a lookout for perils untold.

The way forward

Model – Nicola Paige
HMUA- Teighan Felton
Costume, styling, staging, story & photography by Me!