Autumn Outings – Mill Valley Ranch part 1

We were recently invited away with the Sony Melbourne Group to Mill Valley Ranch, about 30 minutes from home in Tynong. I had only recently started meeting a few people from the Melbourne Sony group, and had never been to this ranch, so it was an entirely new experience for me and Moth. We also invited another photographer along, who shoots Sony too. So we all headed up there later Friday afternoon and met some of the others and were assigned our rooms.

Mill Valley Ranch is a wonder to be seen. It is a school camp, also an equestrian centre, but a preserver of local history. There is a collection of old buildings, bought and moved here. There is a town square and a church and railway station, blacksmith and so much more. Most of these buildings are a façade as such and there is accommodation on the inside. Such a wonderful idea.

Of course, if you were a school kid….oh my the horse riding, the kayaking, the bushwalks, there is archery and swimming and so many other wonderful things to do.

We drove to the rear of the property to catch sunset over the valley and then had fun with some creative light painting that night.

As it was by now getting quite late and I was frankly exhausted after such a busy day, before I even got here…so I went to bed (In bunks lol)

~ Julz