Autumn Outings – Mill Valley Ranch part 2

We woke early and on our way to breakfast, had to stop as a photoshoot had already started! Several models had been arranged for the weekend, this was our first Charley. many people had already been up and shot sunrise (we didn’t miss much), and were keen to already get into things.

We shot before and after our big breakfast of bacon and eggs. We then got to wander around til lunch time, meet some horses and explore the area.

After lunch, we had another model Kiara in a designer dress no less model with two of the horses, Blue and Promise.

A little more free time, I actually went for a bit of a nanna nap, my back and hip were giving me pain, so much standing around. After dinner we went to another location, nearby to shoot sunset. We thought it was going to be a no show, but then suddenly the sky popped full of glorious colour as the sun went down.

We then spent the evening again playing with some light painting and capturing the town square all lit up at night. Quite enchanting. Some were planning on another sunrise…I was not lol.

~ Julz