Autumn getaways – The Stick Shed

We managed to escape the ‘city’ and head to country Victoria for a weekend get away. Headed to the gold fields in Ararat with some photography friends. We had glorious Autumn weather for two days and then rain on the third. But still, it was lovely to get away. One of our trips was to Murtoa, one hour away, and see The Stick Shed. I had never heard of it before, quite intriguing.

The Stick Shed in Murtoa was used for wheat storage during the war. Built in 1941 to overcome the problem of overabundance. 1941 had been a bumper crop and the concrete grain silos all over the Wimmera area were full, exports were extremely limited, so they built the stick shed for bulk storage.

It took only 4 months to complete, made from 560 unmilled poles (or sticks) in 10 rows of 56. The shed is 270m long and 60 metres wide and 19m high in the middle. It has a corrugated iron roof and concrete floor. When at capacity it was filled with 3,381,600 bushels of wheat.
This was the first of three in Murtoa, and a fourth was built nearby, this is the only stick shed remaining and is now heritage listed.

We managed to pack in quite a bit in our three days, I will spread it all out a bit.

~ Julz