Autumn getaways – One Tree Hill

Apparently at one point I think I heard somewhere that there was one big tree up at One Tree Hill Lookout in Ararat, but it fell down or something to that effect. There is a lot of shrubbery up there and quite a few trees, but nothing that would claim the title for One Tree Hill. Still it is a pretty enough spot. You can see 3600 from up there. But the subject matter isn’t all that exciting.

Still we did photograph sunset, two nights in a row. I guess I can admit we were too lazy to drive elsewhere! There had been a LOT of smoke haze from burn offs happening in nearby areas. It made for an interesting sunset the first night, couldn’t see much but the haze made some pretty colours.

We went back here again on the second evening, as that’s what several others in the group were doing, so we just went with the crowd. At first we didn’t think it would be much of a sunset but it wasn’t too bad. We gotr more colour after the sun went down and I was playing with some portraits

Some were planning on shooting sunrise here as well, but we woke to lots of rain and little to no sunrise…I went back to bed!

~ Julz