Autumn Getaways – Ararat, Part 1

Recently we have been able to travel again, not far, but still just to be able to get away on some mini vacations, has been awesome. We travelled to Tynong a few weeks back and now with our usual motley photography crew we visited Ararat. Now to be honest Ararat itself is not THAT exciting. There are limited things to do and see. It does however have J- Ward and Aradale. They were are main highlights for this trip.

J Ward

J Ward was originally built in the 1859s as a county jail during the gold rush. When the gold ran out it was acquired by the Lunacy Dept as a temporary housing for the Criminally Insane. The County Gaol then became a ward (J Ward) of the Ararat Lunatic Asylum where the most depraved and most dangerous men in Victoria were housed in horrific conditions under the highest security. To realise that this was only closed down in 1991 is beyond believe. There is a morbid fascination with visiting scenes of a long dead gruesome past. Some visit cemeteries, some visit tombs, this really is no different.

We were given a personal tour and let loose in J ward with a model and some costumes…cool but creepy.

Definitely and interesting spot to visit, they run regular tours and also have ghost tours! Sorry about all the photos, but it really was a great location.

~ Julz