Autumn getaways – Phillip Island, part 2

Another beautiful day on the Island. We actually slept in, had breakfast, went out for coffee, before we even decided on WHERE to visit. We decided this trip was going to be more casual and more relaxing than our usual holidays. We had been here before, so we knew basically what we wanted to see.

Cat Bay

I adore Cat Bay, so pretty and those sticks, which a remains of a long disused jetty are great for photography. We did some long exposure shots here too. Just us and the Cape Baron Geese and a few gulls for company. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine. What you don’t see in the images are the damn sand flies, they are big and they BITE! Ouch.

South Coast Lookout

Next was South Coast Lookout, one of the prettiest spots on the Island, that rugged coast, just magic. Again, the geese were our only company, they are everywhere on the island.

Flynns Beach

Not far down the road is Flynns Beach a mecca for surfers, but fairly quiet this day

The Blow Hole

The Blow Hole was at The Nobbies, which we visited the day before, but it needs High Tide, so we timed it for another visit, still not really that impressive, apparently need a large Southern swell, the weather was just too nice on our visit.

Summerlands Look out and Swan Lake

We visited Summerlands Lookout and then to Swan Lake. I was by then very foot sore and feeling tired, so Hubby went onto the lake I sat under a lovely shady tree, watched the birds and read my book…it was my holiday I could do what I want lol.

We drove to a few other locations, not really all that notable, but did catch a few cool pics. We then went back to the beach house and had a great dinner a glass or two of wine and just relaxed. Mostly reading and watching a bit of TV.

~ Julz