Autumn getaways – Phillip Island, part 3

Yet another perfect day on the Island, weather wise, we were so lucky this trip. Again a small sleep in, breakfast, coffee and then off to Cape Woolamai. There is a spot here called The Pinnacles, not for the fain of heart or unfit…no I did not attempt it. I instead walked part way along the beach and shot one side of the Pinnacles. You walk up the stairs and across the top and then scramble down the other side, or scramble over rocks at low tide. Hubby got part way around, but then gave up and came back. He has done the scramble down before. I was happy just wandering the beach, watching the surfers and the gulls.

Cape Woolamai

The Shearing Shed

Don’t ask me why I am covering this, apart from the fact that the tractor out the front of this wedding venue is really cool. No we did not go in, although I am curious to see what it looks like inside!

We then went back over to San Remo again. Hubby had a craving for bacon and eggs from Bean’D, but sadly they were closed, instead we had yummy ribs at the Pub. We then spotted this really cool groyne. So in the sunshine we played around here for a bit.

Koala Sanctuary

There is a Koala Sanctuary and a Wildlife park on Phillip Island, we had not previously been to ether. the park was still closed thanks to Covid, so we decided to head to the Koala park instead. It was a lovely afternoon wandering up in amongst the trees, getting to watch a few of the koalas. Sadly there are less than 100 wild koalas left on the island, due to disease and urban expansion. There are also some black swamp wallabies here too.

Sunset at Summerlands

This has to be one of the highlights of our trip, we drove back at the Nobbies at Summerlands point and did the dirt road along the coast, just before sunset, sheer magic. We saw lots of wallabies and echidnas. The light was perfect and the weather was just right.

After sunset (you get kicked out by then by the Rangers. This whole area is an animal refuge due to the Little Penguins and no one is allowed in after sunset. We then hit the town. Cowes is the only real town on the Island, we found a great little Italian restaurant and had dinner. After we had our fill, we finally made our way back to the house for some relaxation and our last night.

~ Julz