Monday’s Musings…

WOW! What a difference a week makes! I have made the move to making life as a full time photographer. In celebration of that I have been making some changes. We torn down and old shed in the back corner and Hubby is busy putting up a new one, this will be storage for things I don’t use all the time, tables, chair, Xmas props and such. Clear them out of the studio and make more room. I am installing installing some new backdrop rigs, making life a little easier (I hope). I I closed the studio down for a few weeks. I ran one class, but we made do with what we had. I will reopen in May, all fresh and tidy and clean, uncluttered…well that’s the plan.

I have had a couple of truly inspirational shoots, one has been something from my bucket list. Have you seen the iconic Australian Peter Weir film from the 1970’s Picnic at Hanging Rock? Or the Amazon re-boot from a year or so ago? I adored both, and have been wanting to shoot something similar. I don’t even live that far from Hanging Rock. But THAT’s NOT where we shot our Picnic. The problem was access, I tried a few years ago to climb to Hanging Rock. I didn’t even make it half way and that was without all the camera gear. So we picked something that was probably further away, but had a similar look and feel. We had been sourcing bits for the costumes for months. We finally did the shoot last week…incredible.

It’s been kind of crazy putting all these shoots together, I will try and share some of them here with you this week.

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure at Phillip Island this past week, one more day to go and then you might have to wait a few weeks for our next adventure. But yes, we are off again soon, just need to sort the studio out first.

Well that’s about it from me this week, will pop in again soon


Julz, xo