Monday’s Musings…

No shoots this week, I have not even picked up the camera, apart from moving it from one spot to the next for days now. I spent pretty much all week editing and playing catch-up, which I have now done. Wrote a few articles and have had a few planning sessions. They are always so much fun. Do you remember the Lonely Man shoot I did as we went into lockdown last year? Well Tony and I met up for coffee and a planning session. The Lonely Man is coming back, but we also have something more ambitious planned. A 12-part project on addiction and redemption, but it goes further.

I am planning on spending some time in the studio this week getting everything sort and tidied up. I have a portrait workshop on Saturday and a New-born shoot on Sunday…yes new-born, but a very special one, so sty tuned for that.

So a little quiet. Actually my eldest daughter is flying to spend a week with my youngest daughter interstate. I wish we were going, but it will be good for them to spend some time together by themselves. We will see her soon, but it will make the house seem very quiet, as I will be completely on my own during the day…weird. I have been invited to visit a garden I have never been to before on Thursday, so I might do that.

The weather here has been cold, grey and wet for the past week or so, but today is much nicer and improving all week. I think it may be our last nice stretch before Winter sets in again in May, by June it will be horrible again. I hope it is not as cold and miserable as last Winter. I already miss the warm breezes, blue skies and sand from our last trip to Phillip Island

Flynns Beach – Phillip Island

Our next trip, which is coming soon, there is sand, hopefully blue skies and warmth as we head up north, but there will be no beach! Heading into the Outback again. We so enjoyed our last outback trip, I felt so relaxed and at ease, it was good for the soul…looking forward to this trip too. But more on that later.

This week I hope to share a few of the creative shoots I did over the last few weeks. Until then Stay safe and well…

~ Julz, xo