In the studio -Walpurgis Eve Pt 1

My photographic group (VPC), recently got together for a long arranged, many time postponed group shoot, two sessions each with 9 models and about 20-30 photographers in each group…organised chaos. Our ring-leader Bev did all the concept and arranging, which is a n ice change for me, I just have to show up and shoot!

This year’s theme was Walpurgis Eve, which is kind of like Halloween in some ways. The story line was Morticia Addams was having some witchy friends come over for a dinner party to celebrate Walpurgis Eve which runs from April 30th – 1st May.

We had many different backdrops and stages set, we have Morticia Addams, The Grim Reaper, two vampires, three pagan witches, a zombie Dorothy and Toto and a Ghoulish Harry Potter. Obviously all in fun and games. This was originally setup 12 months ago, but you know who stole all our fun. Nice to finally get this one done. I will share a few more images and some back stories on the characters as well…

More ghoulish fun to come

~ Julz