Monday’s Musings…

Another week, another dollar, or so they say. Not sure that I earnt much, but then I didn’t spend anything, so I guess I’m ahead…lol I have been busy finishing setting the studio up, and cleaning up, so that kept me busy. Had some errands to run on Friday and then as the weather was so nice I took myself out for the afternoon. Had a lovely couple of hours at my favourite gardens.

Autumn Colour

Saturday I ran a workshop, just a small one, sadly not quite as much interest as I would of liked, not sure if it was the date, the model (had not run a workshop with her before) or the theme…Sleeping Beauty.

Jesi Faun in Sleeping Beauty

We had a fairly quiet weekend, the weather was still nice and I should have been out enjoying it more than I did. I know from today on the weather is looking terrible and Wintry again. Still, it is what it is.

Sunday I had a long awaited cuddle and shoot with Mr Braxton…my main model Jess who I have worked with for years, had her little bubby about one month ago and today I got to have real cuddles and shoot. I saw him a few weeks ago, but did not get my cuddles in.

Did I mention this might be the closest I ever get to having Grandkids lol…Isn’t he just adorable?

Braxton – 4 weeks old

New-borns aren’t really my thing (photographically), so it’s a little challenging, but I think we got some real cute shots, just in time for Mother’s Day next week (well here is Australia it is).

Anyway, so we are back to Monday…again. I have a few things on the burner this week, another workshop on Saturday, supposed to have a Macro in the gardens tomorrow, but the weather is so dicey…fingers crossed.

I hope you all have a lovely week…

~ Julz, xo