Share your world – 11th May 2021


What do you believe but cannot prove? There are so many things in this world we cannot prove. I believe that somewhere out there there must be other forms of life. I think that we are extremely arrogant to believe that we can be the only life in the universe because some higher being created us. Sure they may not look or act anything like us, but they have to be there somewhere surely. Why haven’t we met them? Maybe we have maybe we haven’t, but seriously look at us as a whole, would you want to meet us? We fight and destroy everything that is beautiful. It’s quite shameful really.

Do animals have morals? (Exclude human beings from the equation)  I don’t know about all animals, but I think some of them have a moral compass of sorts. My dogs and cats know when they have been naughty, the dogs apologize, the cats don’t care. As puppies they stole and bullied, as they grew up they learnt not to do that, just as people usually do. But then flip that around many people have less morals than a shark (which only lives on survival instincts), so go figure. I don’t know whether they were not brought up right, or in the case of some a basic gene is missing?

Is there inherent order in nature or is it all chaos and chance? I think there is room for both. Nature by it’s very existence is chaotic, but there is a certain inherent order even to that chaos. One season follows another. There is re growth after flood, fire or draught. There is birth after death. Night follows day. There is order, but often unexpected chaos as well. Mother nature is beauty and force.

Where is your least favourite place in the world? Anywhere they is large crowds I guess. I don’t really hate going anywhere as such. But I do not like crowds. I prefer open space, fresh air. I don’t travel to large cities often. Sure they can be interesting sometimes, but often one is much like another. Give me a beach, a forest, a mountain or the open outback. I feel in harmony, calm and at peace there.


Feel free to share something about the seasons that makes you smile! I adore Autumn, and Spring, but mostly Autumn. In early autumn the days are still long and warm, but the nights are cooler (making it easier to sleep). The light is softer, often amazing sunrises and sunsets in Autumn. We don’t have many deciduous trees here, but the ones we do change colour and drop their leaves. Everything is pretty and colourful. Driving through the mountains in the morning there is mist and fog, love it. There is also rain, soft rain on the roof at night, so calming.

Cloudehill Gardens in the mist and rain

I hope you all have a wonderful week,

~ Julz, xo