Autumn Workshops – Steam Punk with Alexia

I have always had a fascination with Steampunk, I adore working with it in the studio. I guess many people do, as my Steam Punk workshops are often sold out. This one sure was. We were really lucky with the weather again and could leave the main doors open for most of the workshop. Gives us a bit more room and some lovely ambient light to work with. We then shut the doors and turned on the studio lights. First we worked with big soft boxes and soft light. We then removed the soft boxes and used hard light, gels (green and red and teal) and then we added in smoke and bubbles making smoke bubbles. Such messy fun. Alexia Frost (our model) was brilliant as ever dressed in a tulle skirt i created and a body suit and long black boots. I also decorated the hat as well…both were originally made for Raven. It’s good to give things another life.

I kept trying to load more images, but having such bad internet today 😦

Anyway I am sure you get the idea…

~ Julz