2021 Outback Adventure – Part 1

We did a similar outback adventure a few years ago, we had so much fun and saw so much of our fabulous country, it was good to hit the road again…2227 kms worth of it! We took a slightly different route and visited some areas not seen before and some that are now familiar sights.

Day 1 – Melbourne > Daylesford

We left Melbourne under threatening skies, it was gloomy and spitting and so very cold. Our first stop was at Devil’s Kitchen Geological Reserve in Piggoreet, VIC (Near Scarsdale). Fascinating rock formations. The weather held out and we even got a bit of sunshine while we explored the area on foot. Not exactly car territory in some spots! The area was once a thriving Gold Mining Town in the 1870s, the school closed in 1924 and now scarcely anything remains of the town.

We then found this fabulous old bridge in ruins, a wonderful toadstool gallery in a pine forest in and tramping around.

Next stop was Timons Trestle Bridge (mostly in the rain), honestly not that exciting…it was spitting and windy and VERY cold, the car was far more appealing at this point lol.

We found a terrific burger joint near Delacombe before heading off again. Next stop was St Georges Lake in Creswick (near Ballarat), just as the sun was getting low in the sky. We decided we had to come back here, in the morning to see in early morning light as well.

We found accommodation in Daylesford and had a scrumptious dinner at The Royal Hotel, you’ll hear that name a bit on this trip. We actually joked with friends about doing a ‘Royal’ tour, it seemed every country town had a Royal Hotel and it seemed to be the best spot to meet and eat!

As it was rather cold and wet, we headed back to our motel for an early night…I will leave our trip here and be back in another post with more adventures.

~ Julz