Monday’s Musings (Rant)…

Oh Man! Seriously we are back in lockdown again for the fourth time! Sorry but I need to rant, if you don’t want to read, I totally get it.

Rant starts…

I know we have to do it, but we shouldn’t need to. Some poor guy in South Australian actually caught C19 in quarantine! He had spent 14 days there and was tested as negative, but managed to catch it on his way out! Then travelled back to Victoria and spent a week visiting friends and shopping and living a life…then BAM! He is sick and gets tested and is now positive. It’s already spreading after spending nearly 3 month with NO community transmission here. It sucks. Hotel quarantine does NOT work 100% of the time.

My daughter, again was flying in to see us and all here friends, attend a wedding even…now all that is gone, AGAIN! I haven’t see or held her for nearly two years now! All because of bloody Covid! So totally over it. I am booked in for my jab this week, they are SO slow in getting it out, its ridiculous. I refuse to que up for hours like some people are doing here, I booked in with my local GP.

I had five days of workshops, classes and shoots this past weekend and this week, all cancelled or postponed. I was supposed to catch up with friends I have not seen in ages, all postponed. So now I am reading, watching movies and just pottering, as I can’t really see anyone, or do anything. I can’t even drive to the local gardens and shoot flowers…lockdown!

No entries in my diary, means no money coming in…frustrating.

… Rant over

So glad I managed to have my holiday, and I will share some more of the photos this week. We had such a wonderful trip. It was not as warm as I would have liked, but still mostly sunny. A few days of rain and some very cold evenings and mornings!

7 Day Creativity Boot camp

Now, just to change things up completely. I had this idea after talking to a few people who have all said that their creativity has been sapped by the events of the last 12 months. I have my bouts of blah too, but never stop being inspired, just sometimes motivated. SO I had this idea to create a 7-day mini boot camp to get people excited and energised and inspired. you are more than welcome to join too. It’s 100% FREE!! Just 5 minutes a day for 7 days and we have our Facebook group and brain training exercises…I named it Staring at Blank Walls, because that’s kind of what I do when I get stuck. You can pre-enrol now, but it officially starts on 1st June

7 Day Creativity Boot camp – Staring at Blank Walls

So that’s it really. I am going to be fairly quiet. I might take my own advice and get motivated and inspired to do something, maybe start another online class? Did you know I now have 15 online self-paced classes you can do? Check them out here, maybe there is something you might like to try yourself.

Stay safe and stay sane, yours in light and inspiration…

~ Julz