2021 Outback Adventure – Part 4

Day 4 – St Arnaud > Sea Lake

After breakfast, we hit the open road. As we had previously already done the remaining Silo Art in the area we decided to head over to Boort, to see the Spanner Man. Sadly it was closed and is now only open by appointment, so maybe one day we will head back that way. We then drove over to Woomelang for lunch but also to see a whole series of grain bins which had also been painted. A little like mini silo art.

The Open road

Woomelang’s Mini Silos

The Field bins used in Woomelang’s art trail are mini silos and moveable, hence being on wheels. They are usually towed by tractors to the paddock where a harvester is stripping grain, to be placed in these field bins awaiting transport.

1 – Rosenberg’s Heath Monitor, by Andrew J Bourke
2 – Western Whipbird, by Chuck Mayfield
3 – Pygmy Possum, by Bryan Itch
4 – Spotted-tailed Quoll, by Kaff-iene
5 – Malleefowl, by Mike Makatron
6 – Lined Earless Dragon, by Goodie
7 – Mallee Emu-Wren, by Jimmy Dvate
8 – Major Mitchell Cockatoo and South-Eastern long eared bat, by Bryan Itch and Chuck Mayfield
9 – Inland Carpet Python

After our an or so exploring we headed off towards Sea Lake and Lake Tyrrell. Lake Tyrrell is a shallow, salt-crusted depression in the Mallee district of north-west Victoria, in Australia. The word is derived from the local Wergaia word for ‘sky’. There is often a covering of water giving the most amazing reflections. We have previously been and captured some water, this time there was virtually none.

We headed off to explore the lake ourselves, we were booked for a Sunset tour with some of the other that afternoon.

As you can see there was almost no water and the clouds were quickly rolling in, so no reflections and no real sunset. But there were some interesting photos to be captured.

We all then met up at the Pub for dinner, drinks, lots of laughter and talking. We had originally booked an Astro Photography tour as well, but due to the clouds there was no night sky to be found. So eventually we called it a night and headed off to bed.

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~ Julz