2021 Outback Adventure – Part 5

Day 5 – Sea Lake > Mungo Station

Some got up real early to capture sunrise, but there was none. We stayed in bed but did get up early to capture some of the fog, it was unreal. Took an already unworldly vista and turn it into something almost ghostly to it. So different from previous trips.

It was then time to hit the road again, stopping for a few great shots along the way…

We drove through Hattah for a brief scouting trip and finally we stopped in Mildura on the Murray, border with NSW for lunch with everyone. It was then a long dusty drive to Mungo Station. We had been here a couple of years ago [ view here ].

We then met up, just after arriving to drive out the the Walls of China for sunset. Not a lot of colour, but it was still lovely. It’s like standing on another planet.

It’s quite a walk out there and back, especially for an old cripple like me lol. But I did it, and planned on coming back the next morning for sunrise as well! We then headed back to the lodge for dinner and then bed, it had been a long exhausting day.

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~ Julz