2021 Outback Adventure – Part 6

Day 6 – Mungo Station

The temptation to just stay in bed was seriously there, I cannot lie. But I eventually forced myself out of bed for sunrise back at the Walls of China. I was sore and tired, but I may never be this way again, so I forced myself, one foot in front of the other back up the hill. The sunrise was not brilliant, but still pretty, and boy was it cold! It was so nice to see a different look to daylight and sunset as well.

We then walked back to the car and back to the lodge for a hot shower and breakfast. After breakfast we all sort of went our separate ways. We visited Red Top Lookout and Zanci’s Homestead, as well as the Woolshed. Sadly the Loop Road was closed.

We all had lunch together and spent some time wandering the grounds, there are three emus that were rescued and some Mallee fowl as well.

Some of us, me included had a nanna nap in the afternoon, before venturing out for sunset, again. We opted for Zanci’s homestead and it was spectacular.

Finally dinner and drinks with everyone, each excited about what they managed to photograph that day.

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~ Julz