Monday’s Musings…

Well week two of lockdown and honestly, I think it may stretch into three! I had my first Covid jab last week and spent three days feeling ‘blah’ one of the common side affects with my friends who pretty much all had their shot last week was feeling ‘heavy’ almost like wading through water. Of course, there was the sore arm and the general aches and pains. I also felt a bit nauseous the first night, but all in all nothing too bad. Considering my body doesn’t tolerate drugs very well it could have been a LOT worse.

I have been pottering along, doing some writing, ready, watched a few movies, started Star Wars from the start! I have of course, been playing in the studio and shooting a few things, with Dexter forever by my side. Chloe comes out too, but she prefers a quite spot away from the camera, or so she thinks. I even set Dexter’s Instagram account up on my account (My daughter started it and then got bored lol), it hadn’t been used in well over 18 months, he was still a baby. Now he is 2.5 years old!


I have started putting together a new online still life class, this one is something a little different than my previous ones, so that has been fun.

I have been writing more articles and post from our trip, with a few more to come. I hope that isn’t our last trip for awhile, we are supposed to be heading up North in about six weeks!

Not much else to report, just keeping quiet and busy and waiting out the lockdown, I am missing my workshops and classes so much.

Stay Safe…

~ Julz, xo