2021 Outback Adventure – Part 7

Day 7 – Mungo Station > Swan Hill

We were up early again to try for another sunrise. This might be our last visit to this area and it pays to make the most of your time there. This time we headed for the Woolshed, I opted for the actual shed, Hubby headed for the old windmill. Trust me he got the shot of the morning, but mine weren’t too shabby either! I hope he’ll let me share his soon…

After yet another freezing morning we went back to the room for a hot shower and then a hot breakfast. We had a group photo, said our final farewells, as this is where the group splits up again, until next year. Our trip North for 2022 is already in the planning stage!

After packing the car back up, we headed off for more dusty roads to Mildura, as we really needed fuel. None to be had at Mungo. We then headed back to Hattah Kulkyne National Park. Many years ago, Dad used to race dune buggies in this area, I think it is just dirt bikes these days, but they still race nearby.

Still quite dry, but so very different from this mornings vista. That’s one thing I love about Australia, you don’t really have to travel far to see a completely different landscape!

We then headed via Robinvale to Swan Hill for the night. We had been up early and done a lot of driving and walking today so we grabbed a pizza, ate in our room and went to bed early.

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~ Julz