2021 Outback Adventure – Part 8

Day 8 – Swan Hill > Melbourne

We allowed ourselves a small sleep in, we had been at it pretty hard for a week. We packed the car back up and headed for Benalla for a VERY yummy lunch. There was no new street art, it seems. The have a giant street art festival every year, but…COVID. We visited just after the festival last time in 2019 and there hasn’t been another one yet.

Our destination today was Winton Wetlands, which we bypassed on our last trip up this way, honestly not sure why. This area was a thriving farming community which was seized in 1971 and dammed up to create Lake Mokoan. Many families were forced off their land and the area was flooded. Badly thought out the project was abandoned and decommissioned in 2009. There are 1000’s of trees, maybe more left dead in piles of dust. There is no water in Lake Mokoan, only and eerie wasteland. Sure there is rain sometimes and there is work being done to replant the trees.

Back in 2019, as part of the Benalla Arts Festival Cam Scale painted a lonely water tank, since then a new art trail has sprung up, from one end of the wetlands to the other.

There is still an abundance of wildlife, Cockatoos (which I never could seem to capture) and wrens and many other birds, also kangaroos and supposedly wombats as well (we never saw any wombats)

We spent such a fabulous afternoon here, we wanted to spend the night, coming back to shoot night scenes here. Sadly we could find no accommodation any near here. It’s not that far from home and we were planning on heading home the next day anyway, so we cut short our trip by one night and headed home.

We travelled 2,2227kms over eight days. Saw wonderful landscapes and shared memories with new and old friends. Such a wonderful trip. I do hope you have enjoyed sharing it with us? Our next trip…well in July we have a vacation up North with our family, then the next big group trip is planned for July 2022, Whale watching amongst other things! Can’t wait for that one.

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~ Julz