Monday Musings…

Have you ever had one of those weekends, where you feel like you’ve been super busy, but in fact have done very little? It’s like one step forward, two steps back, right? So frustrating. I did however, get MOST of the house cleaned, MOST of the washing done, I did the food shopping, wrote several
articles ready to post. I also got my hair cut and coloured. So that was nice.

The turtle, Crush, who has not been well has been to the vet. After having to find a new reptile vet, as the last one we used moved! Reptile vets are actually hard to come by down this way. Anyway Crush needs injections every day for antibiotics and anti-inflammatories…won’t that be fun?

So after a weird weekend, I am back to work this week. I did work last week, between some new private one on one clients, and a few camera club presentations and online workshops, but something seemed to be missing. Today I have a studio shoot…, I feel like it’s been ages. I always miss creative portraits when I can’t do them. I have a private class tomorrow and then a couple of studio shoots Friday and Saturday. We are finally starting to catch up from our recent lockdown.

Shortly I can hopefully get back to running some workshops and then even…fingers crossed, visit my daughter interstate!

I also put all the finishing touches on my brand new online Still Life class, How to shoot simple still life in natural light. It’s been a while since I create such a biggish online class, but I am really proud and happy with this one.

My new online class

Well, it’s a bit of a busy week, so I will leave it all here and hopefully I can share you cool creative portraits soon! I hope you have an awesome week…

~ Julz