Monday’s Musings…

A busy week last week, private classes, presentations and two amazing shoots and I caught up with a friend I hadn’t seen in ages. Need more weeks like that! A week of creative engagement too…ahh I wish they were all like that.

Monday was a 1960’s inspired Mod shoot, Tuesday was a visit to Australia Gardens and a private class. Wednesday I caught up with Mum for lunch, Thursday was another private class and a presentation, some Zoom meetings and such. Friday we finally escaped Melbourne (after another lockdown had ended) and stayed with a friend in Ballarat.

We spent the afternoon re arranging her studio for a shoot in the morning. We then went out for dinner, chatted and laughed and just ‘were’ don’t you love it when things are so relaxed you can just be? The guys then watched the football and Sue and I played in the studio.

Saturday we had hired a model for a very arty fine are nude shoot with some classical musical instruments, a claw foot bathtub and vintage chaise lounge. So much fun. Then came home to spend a lazy Sunday pottering around, editing and catching up on household stuff.

And now…it’s Monday again. It’s true what they say; time just vanishes so quickly, especially when you’re having fun. I hope you all have an lovely week…

~ Julz