Winter Outings – Australia Gardens

I know, I seem to frequent a few gardens, but when they are so lovely…why not? Today was kind of special. I have a group of ladies who come out with me as a private class to learn photography. It’s a casual relaxed wander through some pretty gardens and talk all things life and photography. I give help and tips and tricks and some great places to shoot. Even in Winter Australia Gardens has a lot to offer.

We did start the class off with Macro, but then grabbed our zoom lenses and were capturing the birds and wildlife. Such a treat today was the bandicoots…I have rarely spotted them in recent trips. Today I say 5 or 6!

Southern Brown Bandicoot

As you can see from the photos, we had such lovely weather too. One of those rare lovely sunny Winter days.

I will do a separate post for some more photos.

~ Julz