Monday’s Musings…

Another busy, busy week. A nice mix of work and play. Visited Australia Gardens again with a friend, so many gardens around here are still closed from some nasty storms a few weeks back, so it’s pretty one the only one I can currently visit. I also spent some time last week learning TikTok…boy is that a learning curve, but slowly getting there.

Dinner out to celebrate a friends’ birthday…so nice to be able to enjoy dinners out again, feels like forever. I actually took her out for brunch that same day too…and then Mexican for dinner and a few cheeky margaritas! Yum yum!

Sunday was a workshops and back to back shoot in a studio we hired for the day, much more room and height than I currently have. So stay tuned for the pics…here is a little taste of the workshop.

Carnival Jesters

I have a heap of editing and another week of classes to keep me busy this week. Will post some more shots soon.

meanwhile the rest of Australia is in and out of lockdown, Victoria is currently still doing well. I just hope Queensland sorts itself out soon, so we finally catch up with our daughter! QLD is not doing too badly now. NSW is really bad, but that doesn’t really affect us at the moment, fingerscrossed they get it all under control soon.

I hope you have a terrific week…

~ Julz