Mondays Musings…

Such an exciting week for me this week, can’t wait. But will fill you in later, don’t want to jinx things!

Had a terrific week last week, the weather (considering it’s Winter) was actually quite lovely. I went with a friend down along the coast for a drive. Great to catch up, have lunch and also test a couple of lenses I just had delivered. Always fun testing gear!

Dromana Boathouses

Had a lovely still Life workshop on Saturday morning and then spent the afternoon teaching Hubby photoshop techniques, we’re both still alive lol.

Pretty peonies

On the Covid front the rest of Australia is finally back under control again, apart from NSW – what a mess. So we are all blocking our borders to keep all of us safe. This Delta variant is quite troublesome, spreads so easily. I can’t wait to get my 2nd vaccine and feel a bit safer. I just wish my daughters could get theirs. Maybe by the end of the year?

I’ll be a little quiet, again, as things are going to be a bit hectic for the next week or so, but it’s all good. Just want to stop in and say ‘Hi’…

I hope you all have a terrific week

~ Julz, XO