Winter Workshops – Still Life

It’s nice to get back to some basics, with a Soft & Dreamy Still Life class. I had a few new students, which is always nice. Most of my work comes through word of mouth, so it’s great to see some new faces.

This time we have four stations, one window light, two with LED light banks and one with continuous incandescent light. I set the stations up to begin with, and explained all about settings and lighting and staging etc. Then when they became a little more confident, they begin exploring their own creativity and staging their own shots. It’s always so nice to see people happily staging things themselves.

We had mostly white or neutral backgrounds and some jonquils. But also some pretty pastel project paper and some fun and funky fake food.

Like I said it’s so nice to get back to basics…life has been pretty hectic with so many portraits happening lately. It’s funny if all I shoot is portraits, I long for simple still life, if still life is all I create, I long for portraits lol.

~ Julz