Shoot for the Moon

I wrote this small story and had the idea for this shoot quite a while ago. Originally it was planned as a romantic couples shoot, but that didn’t happen at the last minute. I could have cancelled the shoot, but it had been so long in the making, I decided to go ahead with just Andrea as my model.

It tells the story of a moon cleaner/chimney sweep kind of person who sees the moon is not glowing and is dirty, she takes it down, cleans it, puts it back, turns it on and then basks in the glow. Satisfied with a job well done, she returns home. I little whimsical, but so cute, right?

Without the moon, there would be no night, and night is a time for lovers.

Deep dark shadows cocoon us and wrap us in their tender embrace.

For who does the moon shine? For all those who covert the shadows, those who teal and skulk away from the sun and its false promises.

The sun offers light and warmth, but she also lays bare what we would perhaps rather others did not see.

The Moon, so fair and lovely, gently washes the land in subtle colour and light.

Under this fair moon, I declare that I love thee to the moon and back.

Whether shall I love thee once the moon has gone?

Shall we set the moon alight again tonight my dear? We part each morn and tell nothing of our forbidden love.

Our passion wanes as the moonlight is stolen away by the pale caress of daybreak.

Model @adventurousandrea

HMUA @emmrietta

Concept, styling and writing by Me! πŸ˜ƒ

~ Julz