Share your world – 21st July 2021

I have just got back from a glorious week spent in Far North Queensland with my Hubby and two daughters, one of which I have not seen in two years! You can just imagine the tears on that hug…SO GOOD! We had so many adventures it was fabulous and the weather was wonderful as well. I can’t wait to share with you all. But for now here are Melanie’s SYW for this week and a sneak peek at the end!


Are justice and the law necessarily the same thing? Definitely not. The law may dictate what is right and what is wrong, but justice does not always seem to follow the same rules. Wicked people not doing time for crimes committed, even though they should. Other people seemingly getting away with murder. I think the justice is dependant on how much money and power you have. Call me cynical.

Which kitchen appliance do you use every day? The kettle, just made myself a cuppa. I also regularly use the toaster and stove!

What is one thing you’ll never do again? I don’t know – NEVER is a very long time. I doubt I will get in a helicopter again. I doubt I will ever get on a roller coaster again. I doubt I will ever get on a large oversized water slide. I’m pretty sure I will never try to hand feed a crocodile again.

What event escalated very quickly? Oh Victoria’s latest Covid lockdown. We flew out of Victoria at 6am the state went into lockdown that afternoon (so we escaped), then a week later they lockdown the borders at midnight, we managed to land back in Victoria at 11.40pm to escape that lockout too. Phew!


Everything about this past week. From the weather to escaping the latest lockdown (well in part anyway – as it now continues for another week). To spending family time together, to spending alone time with Hubby, to spending time with my two beautiful daughters. To exploring the wonders of Australia, and to good food and fabulous cocktails! What a wonderful week.

My Family together again

Just a short one for today, while I am still sorting everything out from our trip…back to the real world lol

~ Julz